Company Profile
San Chan Metal Industry

San Chan Metal Industry Co.,Ltd                                             

Registration Code:22361371
Founding Date:1987
Capital:NT$100 million
Number of Employees :70
Factory size: Taoyuan Factory NO.1 : 3,515 m2
                        Taoyuan Factory NO.2: 11,690m2
Monthly Production Capacity:Taoyuan Factory NO.1 : 1,000 metric tons
Monthly Production Capacity:Taoyuan Factory NO.2 : 2,000 metric tons
Products:Manhole covers and ductile cast iron.
Certificates:ISO9002,Certified by the testing laboratory of Taiwan Accreditation
Foundation (TAF) ; Certified by Chunghwa Telecom , and Taiwan Power Company ;
A Certified supplier of sewage manhole covers used in cities and counties in Taiwan.


Dar Chan Metal Industry Co.,Ltd

Company Name: Dar Chan Casting Iron Industry Co.,Ltd
Registration Code:16923727
Founding Date:1999
Capital:NT$24 million
Number of Employees :30
Factory size in Square Meter:1,653 m2
Products:Ductile Cast Iron、Alloy Cast Iron、High Tension Gray Cast Iron、
Wear-Resistance Gray Cast Iron